TN Governor’s remark on “New Education Policy 2020”

The State Platform for Common School System- Tamil Nadu (SPCSSTN) expresses its displeasure over the Hon’ble TN Governor’s remark on NEP2020 at the TNOU convocation. The State Platform for Common School System

The Hon’ble TN Governor should clarify whether he is appointed as an ambassador for the propagation of NEP 2020 or the Constitutional Head of the State to discharge the duties as assigned by the Constitution of India to him.

Withholding a bill without any proper reason, showing scant respect for an elected legislature and giving the sermon on a policy issue without fully understanding the reasons why TN rejects the same is not expected from a Constitutional authority. Going a step further, he bluntly says most of the people with whom he interacted have not read the Policy but the News Reports. Whom does he refer? Ministers or Government officials?

There are written submissions to the Government on why the NEP2020 should be Rejected. Did the Governor attempt to get those written submissions and read for himself the reasons.

The Raj Bhavan is yet to reply to my RTI application dated 29th March 2022 TN Bill. It is not only a violation of the RTI Act, it is a demonstration of total disregard for the laws by Raj Bhavan.

The Raj Bhavan doesn’t read and answer questions that are legally raised, but the TN Governor is making baseless allegations about other Constitutional authorities.

TN Governor is disrespecting the parliamentary democracy and trying to destroy the federal structure that is the basic feature of the Constitution of India.

The election Manifesto is an election promise. The political mandate given by the people should be respected by the elected Government. The office of the TN Governor should not be used to nullify the people’s mandate and impose policies and programs that the person holding the post of the TN Governor on that day considers good.

We request the Hon’ble TN Governor to uphold the Constitution of India and perform his duties as assigned to him as a Constitutional Authority and desist from weakening the trust that people have in a democracy.

P. B. Prince Gajendra Babu
General Secretary,
State Platform for Common School System- Tamil Nadu (SPCSS-TN)

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P. B Prince Gajendra Babu

Good orator and writer. He is working for the student's causes and fighting for their rights…His participation in TV debates is familiar and fruitful. He is a well-informed person on educational issues.

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