National Education Policy 2020 – the study of its implications

25th June 2022

NEP 2020 – the study of its implications – submitting the book – containing research papers
and representations on the implications of various aspects of the policy – an expression of
willingness to discuss the issue at any level.

We submit the following for the kind consideration of the Hon’ble Governor, State of Tamil Nadu:

  1. We understand from the newspaper reports that the Hon’ble Governor is propagating
    NEP2020 without fully understanding the reasons for its rejection by the people and the
    the mandate of the people of Tamil Nadu for the evolution of State-Specific Education Policy.
  2. According to the Constitution of India, policy issues are discussed and decisions arrived
    at the Council of Ministers headed by the Chief Minister in a State. There is Government in the
    State of Tamil Nadu was duly formed in accordance with the Constitution of India by the elected
    representatives of the people.
  3. The Constitution of India has made provisions for separation of powers under Article 246 and in
    matters concerning the subjects in List 3 of Schedule 7 it will be a matter between the States
    and the Union, which will have to be sorted out on the touchstone of Article 254 of the
    Constitution of India.
  4. The Governor is well aware that the Government of Tamil Nadu has expressed serious
    concerns on the negative impact of the NEP 2020 and has constituted a High-Level Committee
    to evolve a State-Specific Education Policy.
  5. In contrary to the wishes of the people of Tamil Nadu and in contradiction to the policy
    position of the Government of Tamil Nadu, The Governor of Tamil Nadu cannot take the role of a
    facilitator for implementation of the policy of the Union Government and Raj Bhavan cannot
    function as a facilitating centre for implementation of the Union Government’s Policy.
  6. Raj Bhavan is emerging as a parallel Government in Tamil Nadu reminding the diarchy rule of
    the colonial days.
  1. The Governor is negating the people’s mandate and nullifying the legislative proceedings by
    keeping various Bills pending for a long period. The Governor has failed to discharge his
    Constitutional duty and is behaving as an extra-constitutional authority.
  2. We humbly request the Governor of Tamil Nadu to uphold the Constitution of India and
    respect the mandate of the people of Tamil Nadu and desist from engaging himself in
    countering the policy position of the duly elected Government of the State and not to
    create hindrance for the State Government in discharging its Constitutional duty in accordance
    to the Mandate of the people of Tamil Nadu.
  3. Papers presented in the National Seminar “Education and Democracy through the Prism of the
    Constitution” held on 14 th April, 2022 to Commemorate the 132 nd Birthday of Babasaheb Dr B.
    R. Ambedkar and along with other papers and representations with regard to NEP2020 is
    compiled and published as a book with the same title.
  4. The book was compiled by Mr. P.B. Suresh Babu, Advocate, Madras High Court and published by
    Advocate P. Balagopal Foundation was released in Chennai on 16 th June 2022 in a Seminar by
    Hon’ble Mr. Justice V. Gopala Gowda, Former Judge of the Supreme Court of India and the
    First Copy was received by Dr Thol. Thirumavalavan, Hon’ble Member of the Parliament (Lok
  5. We respectfully submit to the Hon’ble Governor the said Book and a four-page Concept Paper
    for the kind perusal of the Hon’ble Governor.
  6. We wish to express our willingness to participate in any dialogue or discussion at any level to
    decipher NEP2020 and its implications. .

P. B. Prince Gajendra Babu
General Secretary, SPCSS-TN

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P. B Prince Gajendra Babu

Good orator and writer. He is working for the student's causes and fighting for their rights…His participation in TV debates is familiar and fruitful. He is a well-informed person on educational issues.

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